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    Strategic Partner

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    • Cooperation Date:2011年12月Shenzhen Yi BaoCooperation projects:Green packaging

      Huarun Yi Bao under the Hong Kong-listed China Resources Group under China Resources Enterprise Ltd., Main "Yi Bao" brand purified drinking water, 1989, Huarun Yi Bao in China to launch pure water, is the first professional production of pa...

    • Cooperation Date:2011年12月Guangdong King GroupCooperation projects:Green packaging

      King Group Co., Ltd. Guangdong Guangdong is China"s first set of silviculture, pulp, paper, ink, printing, machinery manufacturing pressure vessels, thermal, urban heating, trade and logistics in large-scale integrated enterprise group, aft...

    • Cooperation Date:2011年12月Industrial Design Co., Ltd. Guangzhou causeCooperation projects:Cultural and creative

      DAYEdesign shares of both China and Hong Kong is to build a large industrial design group, now from $ 120 professors, doctors, masters, returned students, designers and other foreign team composed of senior experts in industrial design. DAY...

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