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        Group Profile

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        Guangzhou Packaging & Printing Group Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Light Industry & Trade Group Co., Ltd. belongs to the state-owned large-scale packaging and printing enterprise, registered capital of 151 million yuan, total assets of 380 million yuan. Packaging and Printing Group, Guangzhou has two key enterprises under the branches, nearly 10 holding subsidiaries. Group 2011, all industrial output value 300 million yuan, sales 400 million yuan, is a large-scale packaging and printing companies.

        After nearly three decades of development, Guangzhou Packaging & Printing Group has become a cultural and creative, print features, green packaging, specialty paper into four main business, set the creative industries park, security design and development, security, ticket printing, digital printing, commercial statistical forms printing, label printing, plastic packaging, packaging printing, PET bottles, PE bottles, paper, security paper, special paper products for the integrated enterprise group. Focus on the development of government procurement, financial institutions and the traditional advantage industries to provide a comprehensive package printing services, integrated enterprise.

        ? Guangzhou Packaging & Printing Group has a leading special paper, pre-press, printing and finishing equipment. In the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, based on independent research and development of a number of active research and proprietary technology patents, a unique modern green packaging and printing companies. After years of effort, with excellent products, efficient service, good reputation, Guangzhou Packaging & Printing Group, the majority of users" trust and praise.
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