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    Legal Statement

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    Website Legal Notice
    ● Copyright
    all content contained on this website: text, graphics, LOGO, creativity, etc. The ownership attribution Guangzhou Packaging & Printing Group Co., Ltd., the Chinese and international copyright laws protection. All content on this site of replication (meaning the collection, combination and re-mix), this site enjoys exclusive rights by the Chinese and international copyright laws. The site-specific information before being reproduced by the site license, and the need to identify the source.
    ● User Privacy Policy
    respect user privacy Guangzhou Packaging & Printing Group Co., Ltd. is a basic policy of customer service. Guangzhou Packaging & Printing Group Co., Ltd. will not, without lawful authority when users open to third parties or disclose their registration information and stored in the Guangzhou Packaging & Printing Group Co., Ltd. of non-public, except for the following:
    ⑴ users for their own reasons for confidentiality of information improperly, causing the user non-public information disclosure;
    ⑵ due to network line, hacker attacks, computer viruses, government regulation and other causes information disclosure, loss, theft or tampering;
    ● Terms of service termination
    Guangzhou packaging & Printing Group Co., Ltd. the right to modify the terms of service when necessary, packaging and Printing Group Co., Ltd. of Guangzhou corporate users in case of changes terms of service will be an important page tips modify the contents. If you do not agree to change the content, the user can take the initiative to stop access to network services. If you continue to enjoy Internet services, are deemed to accept the terms of service changes.
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